We’re Back!

Hi Made Out of Glue followers!

It’s been a while! We just wanted to let you know that we’ll be starting regular posting again starting next Monday! We have recipes, DIYs, observations about the world, and more planned to bring to you every week. Unfortunately, we won’t be doing videos until we find ourselves in the same place again, which might be a while.

As for us, we’ve both finished our fourth year of uni. Alannah has another year to go, while Arlie is completely done her BSc, and is graduating in June! We’ve got working, travelling, and learning on the horizon, and we’re excited to share with you what we experience along the way.

– Arlie and Alannah


Blondes Have More Fun

This is a public service announcement on behalf of all those jealous brunettes. Blondes have more fun and it’s not fair! Here Arlie and Alannah rant about the many reasons why blonde is a superior hair colour. Plus, we look adorable in the Fred and George (Garlie and Falannah) sweaters that Arlie made Alannah for Chrismakkah!

The 13 Hugs You’ll Receive This Holiday Season

December is hug-y. Friends and family get together for the holidays, students return to their hometown for the break, and there are lots and lots of parties. With this comes a lot of hugging, but we all know not all hugs were created equal. Look out for these hugs this holiday season!

Sorry for the erratic posting, it’s been a busy time. But Alannah is back in town so you can look forward to lots of great posts in the coming weeks!