Puppy Love and Pee Pads

Hello everyone, Alannah here! So if you haven’t seen my bazillion posts on social media then this might be news to you. Anyway, I got a puppy! This is not my first pet however, when I was seven I brought home my dog, Marshmallow. She was a Bichon Frise and my sister in dog form growing up. Sadly, at the age of nine she was diagnosed with kidney and gasto-intestinal disease. She miraculously lived another three years before we had to put her down. Two years since, and I have brought home a brand new puppy! Her name is Hermia. The name comes from the Shakespeare play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” specifically from a line said about Hermia “though she be but little she is fierce!” The name is fitting for this little dog. She is a Chihuahua/Poodle mix and both her parents are toy sized. She is only six weeks old and I am so in love with her.

IMG_6196 IMG_6182


Since arriving back on the West Coast for school I have devoted the majority of my time to either getting ready to pick her up or being with her and trying to train her. House training has been a trial! Hermia REFUSES to pee on her pad. I have tried everything. So far, I spend most of my time running around my apartment with cleaning tools and cleaning up her messes. Yesterday was the worst. Hermia yet again pooed on the floor (once a dog mom, terminology about body functions is just normal). Afterward, she backed into it. Trying to stop her from walking all over the apartment with poop in her paws I tried to pick her up but in the process ended up stepping in her poo myself. It was hilarious, but rather annoying at the time.

I am not going to lie, having a new puppy is a big responsibility. I forgot how much work they can be. But the unconditional love they provide is so rewarding. I am an actor, my profession involves endless rejection and having a puppy makes it a little bit easier to handle. Also August was a hard month for me and I learned a big lesson in the process. I have too much love to give and I need to share that with someone who will love me unconditionally in return (queue the Katy Perry!).

With all that said, I am hoping to include some Hermia stories and dog DIY’s in future blog posts to come. One that has been helpful and very easy is taking canned pumpkin and putting it into ice cube tray and freezing it. Hermia LOVES it and it is totally helping with her diarrhea (yes…I just said that word on the internet…I am obviously a pet parent). There is also a lot that I am learning in this process and hope to share here. Raising a dog in the twenty-first century is a totally different experience then it was even ten years ago. There is so much to offer and so much research with respect to various kinds of dog diets (raw, kibble, homemade, baby food, wet, etc) to different kinds of medical approaches (on the West Coast there are alternative pet clinics. Imagine getting acupuncture for your dog!).

Anyway, Hermia is the new love in my life. She is so precious and cuddly and loving. I personally CANNOT WAIT for Auntie Arlie to meet her little niece.