Buzzfeed Charades

It’s been a while since our last post and we can all blame Arlie for that (she left for Cuba and did not leave any login information for Alannah). Thus, one weeks delayed is our next video posting!

We decided to create a fun challenge that we like to call “Buzzfeed Charades.” Inspired by Hannah Hart and Jenna Marbles “Charades Against Humanity” we decided to create a Buzzfeed variation of this classic game. Both of us took a series of Buzzfeed quizzes and withheld our answers from each other. The only information we gave each other was the quiz title. We then tried to guess the answers (and in Alannah’s case deeply failing at this).

Enjoy the hilarity that ensues.

And a belated Happy Hanukkah, Kwanza, Christmas and New Year from Arlie and Alannah!


No Mirror Makeup Challenge

This week’s video is an exciting double feature (that’s just a nice way of saying twice as long as normal) of the popular YouTube No Mirror Makeup Challenge. We did this to make Alannah feel better about her inability to cook. Check out that technique. Kleenex under the eye to prevent sparkles from getting everywhere? Genius.

This will be our last video of the season. From this point on, we’ll be doing blog posts, usually alternating who writes them every week. Expect a lot of Alannah’s new puppy, and Arlie’s pumpkin-flavoured recipes this fall!