True Canadian: The Ultimate Drinking Game

So for my roommate’s birthday last week we played True Canadian, a Canadian twist on the drinking game made popular by the Fox television series “New Girl.” In “New Girl” the game is called “True American.” It is a great game to play with A LOT of people and you get drunk REALLY fast. The Canadian twist involves drinking the most Canadian beer you can think of, that’s right, Molson Canadian. The game itself is kind of like Candyland for grownups. I highly suggest playing in four teams of two. We ended up playing with 4 teams of three and it was really chaotic.
My roommate Colette and I have been thinking up more mini-games. Personally, I think if six mini-games are decided, you could use a dice to determine which mini-game is played. That way the leader only has a few seconds to come up with an approach to the game.
Here is a link to the YouTube video of the “New Girl” gang playing True American:
There are many variations on this game. However, below are the rules that the fabulous Colette Habel wrote out and graciously gave to me to post. These are the rules we used in celebrating her birthday. The game lasted around an hour. You can easily play more than once (and get more drunk in the process) just make sure you have A LOT of beer!:
  • Many, MANY cans of Molson Canadian.
  • Box of Shame: the box the beers come in. May be graffitied with derogatory slogans such as: “Pierre Trudeau thinks I’m lame,” “I think Harper’s sexy” etc.
  • A bottle of hard liquor.
  • OPTIONAL: tacky souvenir Canadian shot glass/ Canadian University shot glass.
  • A large living room or basement with plenty of furniture.
  • Lots of friends.
  • Chill neighbours.
Set Up:
  • Arrange your living room furniture into a circular obstacle course. Test drive the course making sure you can easily travel from piece of furniture to piece of furniture without touching the floor or falling and dying.
  • Place a table in the centre of your obstacle course, and put the bottle of hard liquor (The Prime Minister) in the centre. Arrange your many many cans of Molson (Cabinet Members) in rows extending out from the Prime Minister. The number of rows will depend on how many teams you have playing the game.
  • Prepare yourself for greatness.

The Basics:

  1. The object of the game is to infiltrate Parliament and take a shot from the Prime Minister (bottle of hard liquor).
  2. The floor is lava. CANADIAN LAVA!
  3. Each team has a row of Cabinet Members (beers) that they must destroy (drink) to get to the Prime Minister.
  4. Each players starts on a province (piece of furniture) with on Cabinet Member (beer) in hand.
  5. There are four mini games that are played each round. The winners of each mini game get to drink some of their beer and move to a new province. If you lose, you must stay where you are and not touch your beer.
  6. A shotgun tipoff starts the game. The winner of the shotgun will be the first Speaker of the House and will choose the first game to be played. The turn order is then determined by the Speaker (ie. clockwise around the room, counter clockwise, in order of age, order of birthday, etc).
  7. You may not have more then one OPEN Cabinet Member in your hand, and you may not have more then two Cabinet Members in your hand. If you double-fist, you must wear the Box of Shame.
  8. You may only grab a new Cabinet Member from Parliament when you are close enough to; you may toss Cabinet Members to a teammate, as long as neither you nor the can touches the lava.
  9. When you are done your Cabinet Member, throw your empty can into the recycling bin. If you sink your can, you get a free chug from your new beer.
  10. If you fall off your space and into the lava, you must wear the Box of Shame until the next person touches the lava.
  11. At any point in the game, any player can yell “CBC” and everyone must yell “FLQ” and take a massive chug.

How to Win:

Once all your team’s Cabinet Members have been drunk, grab the Prime Minister and take a shot. You may only take the shot if you can reach Parliament without falling into the lava.

The Mini-Games:

  1. Do the Count: The leader will yell “DO THE COUNT” and all the players will put a number to their forehead between 1-5. If your number matches your teammates’ number, you win the round.
  2. Complete the Quote: The leader will begin a famous quote or saying and the other players must finish it. All players that correctly complete the quote win the round.
  3. Guess a Trait: The leader will name two people or objects that have something in common. All players that can correctly name what they have in common win the round.
  4. Trivia: The leader asks a trivia question about one of the other people in the room. All who correctly answer win the round. If you act like an asshole Canadian and ask a question that only your teammate knows, you must wear the Box of Shame.


Know you limit, stay within it.

 – Alannah

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