I Can’t Keep a Straight* Face

…while Alannah says cheesy things about love. Hence the jumpcuts. Damn her and her cute relationship. Spot her boyfriend in the video. World Pride 2014 was a really fun time. We spent most of the weekend out* on Church Street (Toronto’s gaybourhood), watching the free shows, catching up with old friends and making new ones. I’m so happy that so many of my friends came to support me. And I’m very happy to have seen Tegan and Sara live. We were pretty close to the stage but I would’ve loved to get a little bit closer*. The one thing I am not pleased with is the fact that I was hit on by men several times throughout the weekend. Seriously, don’t do that. I don’t care if it means missing out on a few of the thousands of straight girls who come to celebrate pride, if there’s one place queer girls should be able to avoid being hit on by dudes, it’s at Pride. Anyway, check out this cute video that points out that love is the same for gay people, straight people, and all the rest of us. – Arlie *heh geddit


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